When excellence is your expectation....
Stu-dio can make your wedding a spactular event
Stu-dio Entertainment is a professional state of the art DJ/MC entertainment service.
Stu-dio has built a strong reputation on utilizing cutting edge technologies such as Bose line array speakers, wireless microphones and DMX LED/ laser lighting. These fixtures create a professional image and outstanding lighting visual effects for your party.  We have combined these specular effects and offer them to our customers at reasonable prices.  
We presently are offering three wedding packages for all budgets and event sizes. (Custom packages are also available) Stu-dio Entertainment is not just a DJ service we separate ourselves from our competition by providing our customers with a complete event package featuring detailed time line, digital music, MC services, lighting packages and FUN interactive games.
The value, quality and performance are some of the reasons why YOU have voted us in the TOP 10 DJ'S in Cleveland!
​Important Considerations
I’m looking for a DJ what questions should I ask before hiring someone?

The fact that you’re reading this indicates that you are thinking about retaining a quality DJ.    
 A DJ’s can make or break your event and DJ’s are not all the same.
Playing music can set the mood for your party, but hiring an entertainer crates a spectacular event your guests will remember. 
Please let me offer you a few tips in your search to find a great DJ, these are things that I have learned over my years of service and many satisfied customers.
I sincerely hope that these tips will help you narrow down your search irreverent of weather you decide to go with Stu-dio Entertainment or not, I want your event to be a huge success!

Questions to consider;

  • Is your music backed up on a second laptop in case of a hard drive failure? 

This catastrophe could ruin a well-planned and costly party, why take chances                                     
Stu-dio Entertainment backs up all weddings with a second computer so you don’t have to worry.

  • Will I be provided with a timeline that covers everything we have discussed or do I have to remember everything?

A timeline is an extremely important tool. During the planning stages, many important things that need to happen will be discussed i.e. cake cutting, bouquet toss, perhaps the reflections of a deceased family member, and specialty dances. A DJ that “wings it” has an increased probability of failing to live up to your expatiations. If you have paid extra money for a wedding planner you may not need this, however if you want to save money this may be helpful!   Stu-dio will provide you with a complete timeline of every detail you have planned for your event. This information will be communicated you, to your caterer and photographer this way all parties are organized and on the same page. Stu-dio will then coordinate all the evening’s events. This means you don’t have to worry about watching the clock just relax and enjoy your family and guests I will let you know when you’re approaching a timeline event!

  • Will you interact with my guests?  Do you offer fun games?

Playing music is a great start but a real DJ offers INTERACTION with your guests.  It’s that relationship that makes the magic happen otherwise you could just play the radio.
Studio has a large selection of fun and well planned games from children’s parties to “dirty” DJ games and everything in between. That’s the reason why our DJ Company is called Stu-dio ENTERTAINMENT!  
All our games and interactions are designed to maximize your fun factor and make your event spectacular! Each event is custom designed around you and your guest’s enjoyment.

  • Do you own a digital studio quality library? What can I expect from your sound equipment?

This is a very important question to ask, with so many options on the market like cheap plug and play DJ set up’s someone can buy a “sound system” for 500.00. This could turn into a catastrophe when the dancing starts!
Stu-dio Entertainment has invested heavily into purchasing the best state of the art sound system available. I am proud to feature Bose® L1 towers. These speakers feature state of the art Bose® Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology. This technology delivers sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience. Only Bose® world renowned sound is good enough for Stu-dio’s clients, moving on speakers are only half of the formula in conjunction with great speakers you need a music library that rocks!     Stu-dio carries over 2TB or 300,000+ digital studio quality MP3’s giving your event studio quality sound and now you know where the “STU-DIO” Entertainment name came from!

  • Do offer have dance floor lighting packages?

Lighting is another feature that adds to the magic that happens on a dance floor,  weather your slow dancing in a room full of twinkle lights or shaking your bootie to your favorite beet. The lighting + feeling the music = the mood you are living at that moment. It’s a marriage that only a quality DJ can bring to your party.
Stu-dio Entertainment could not ever bring all my specialty lightings to one event I simply own too much! All my lighting fixtures are state of the art and I feature both LED lighting effects and lasers shows. (Not to mention smoke machines and much more.) Since it’s about you I custom design my light shows around your event. It’s something else Stu-dio does to make a signature event for you. An event your friends and family will be talking about for a long time to come.

  • Do you require a contract?

Contrary to popular belief a contract protects you! It is a legal document that proves that money has exchanged hands for a service on a confirmed date.
Studio Entertainment uses contracts for weddings and large events. Anything that protects YOU from losing your hard-earned money is a good idea!

Hopefully I have been helpful to you in understanding some important question to ask in your search for a quality DJ. I sincerely wish you the best in your search for a great DJ and entertainer.

One last question remains...

Stu-dio are you available for my date?

Why not call Stu-dio Entertainment now and find out? 440-487-78737,  Just ask for Steve (DJ Stu )